Create Your At Home Spa Experience With Essential Oils

Create Your At Home Spa Experience With Essential Oils

Incorporate essential oils and massage accessories into your at-home massage practice and boost the beneficial effects even further

Massage is a wonderful way to treat yourself or a loved one, offering a multitude of benefits both mentally and physically. One of the best ways you can enhance your massages is by incorporating essential oils so you can enjoy the added benefits of aromatherapy. Whether you massage for relaxation, to aid in recovery after exercise or to boost mood, there’s a number of essential oils and accessories that can help bring your at home spa to life.

Benefits of massage

Massage is a wonderful practice for both the body and mind, offering a whole host of benefits. Of course it can help with muscle relief and relaxation if you’re injured or sore from working out but can also help calm the mind too. If you’re stressed, there are few things better than a massage to work out the tension. If you’re affected by poor circulation or need to boost your lymphatic drainage, massage is a wonderful way to aid your body with both.

How essential oils can enhance your massage experience

In the same way that the physical technique of massage can aid in muscle recovery, increase blood flow and promote better lymphatic drainage, adding essential oils can boost these benefits even further. You can also enjoy a greater sense of relaxation by choosing specific essential oils that’ll complement your massage too.

Aside from their beautiful aromas, essential oils applied topically will be absorbed by the skin and can help increase the beneficial effects of your massage. Whether you choose something warming to increase blood flow, cooling for sore and tired muscles or calming to soothe frazzled nerves, they’re a perfect addition to your massage practice - whether it’s for you or someone else.

Top 5 essential oils to use in massage

While each essential oil has something unique to offer, we’ve picked a few of our top favourites to give you some inspiration to get you started. Depending on your massage, you may want to choose something more invigorating and warming, or a cooling and soothing option. You can also pair a few together if you’d like to create a custom blend.


The inherently warming and spicy tones of ginger are wonderful for those with lower blood circulation. It’ll heat your muscles up physically but also offers a soothing effect if you’re feeling sore. Ginger is also a perfect choice for the treatment of bloating or poor digestion and operates in a similar way when applied topically as it would if you drank ginger tea.


A must-have for any collection, lavender is also the perfect ingredient for a relaxing massage. This woody floral can help with soothing stress and aiding in calming the body and mind before bed. It’s also a very gentle option to use on more sensitive skin.


This fragrant, camphorous and herbaceous essential oil is both cooling and decongesting in nature. Eucalyptus is wonderful for tired muscles but also helps with lymphatic drainage and is a delightful option for when you’re suffering from a cold or have issues with your sinuses.


Similar to ginger, peppermint is also great for digestion and bloating thanks to its antispasmodic benefits but instead offers a cooling rather than warming effect. It has a beautifully crisp scent and delivers a refreshing massage experience that can help alleviate muscle fatigue and soreness too.


Another floral option, neroli is a light, citrusy and fresh fragrance that helps boost your mood. In contrast with lavender, it’s more on the energising side making it a great choice for when you’re feeling a little sluggish or tired. It also has anti-inflammatory properties meaning it’s a natural choice when you’re looking for an essential oil to use in massage.

Massage accessories

To take your at-home massage to the next level, there are a few tools you can add to the mix that’ll boost the benefits of massage as well as keeping your space clean and tidy too. Whether you’re just starting to experiment with at-home massage or you’re already a trained masseuse looking to give your clients an exceptional experience, there’s a number of ways to enhance your setup.

Massage oils

When you’re applying essential oils topically as you would with a massage, you’ll need to dilute them with a carrier oil to make them safe to use. There’s a range of massage oils to choose from, all of which are hydrating and gentle to use on skin. Pick from nut-free options like jojoba or apricot go for a classic like almond oil. You can choose from a range of unscented massage oils, or if you’d prefer something that’s already been mixed, pick from a selection of massage oils with essential oils already mixed through.

Body wraps

To keep things cosy for your massage clients, body wraps are a wonderful addition to your massage suite. They help insulate the body more, allowing the oils to absorb more fully into the skin. They’re especially perfect for when you’re using a warming or relaxing oil to really maximise the benefits of whichever essential oil you’ve decided to use.

Couch covers

To keep things clean on your massage table, couch covers are the perfect option. Made from a soft and fluffy terry cloth fabric, they’re luxurious to lie on and also super easy to wash and maintain. Coming complete with a face hole and ties to keep it securely in place, these comfortably fit most massage tables and have enough stretch in them that they’ll fit slightly larger tables too.


The feet are a map of the body, so massaging them can help alleviate a number of complaints. Terry cloth bootees are ideal for keeping them warm and comfortable while you’re working on the rest of the body. They have a velcro strap on the back to keep them securely fastened and are super to wash at the end of the treatment.


Finally, you can’t forget the hands. For those clients with poor circulation who get cold easily, locking in a warming massage oil with mittens will go a long way to bring some blood flow back into their hands. Made from the same terry cloth fabric as the bootees, they also feature a velcro strap to keep them securely on.

If you’re just starting out with exploring the benefits of massaging with essential oils, you might want to start off with the basics like essential oil kits and carrier massage oils. For those more experienced practitioners, there’s a whole host of accessories that’ll take your studio to the next level. No matter whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, the benefits of incorporating aromatherapy with massage is something everyone should be experienced to be understood.