Accessories for Exploring New Ways to Enjoy Essential Oils

Accessories for Exploring New Ways to Enjoy Essential Oils

Perfect for essential oil enthusiasts and aspiring aromatherapists, explore the myriad of ways you can enjoy them and the best ways to store them

Aromatherapy can be enjoyed in a number of ways and if you’re an essential oils enthusiast, at some point you’ll likely want to branch out into making your own unique blends. If you’ve already got an essential oil kit, you’re probably quite familiar with the wonderful properties of each one already. By mixing them together, you can enjoy aromatherapy in a whole new way. With our range of accessories, you’ve got a variety of options for both topical and household use.
Essential oils don’t just smell incredible, they can also help relax your muscles, pep up your mind and help keep your home fresh and clean. With so many ways to use them, there are a few accessories we think you’ll love to get the most out of your kit.

Storing your essential oils

Starting off with a must-have item to keep your oils protected from light and getting knocked around when you’re taking them on the go - we love storing ours in a travellers bag. Whether you’re keeping them safely stored at home or taking them away with you, it’s the perfect option for maintaining the integrity of your essential oil collection. With sixteen individual compartments, you’ve got more than enough space to grow your collection over time.

Topical application and self care

Essential oils applied topically to the skin not only give you a continuous aromatic experience throughout the day but can also help refresh your mind, calm your nerves and soothe irritated skin. When you’re using essential oils topically, they need to be diluted. They’re highly concentrated and would be too strong to use on their own but can be mixed with a variety of carriers from liquid soaps, oils, shampoos and lotions.

Carrier oils

Carrier oils are a must have for any aspiring aromatherapist. You can mix in your chosen blend of essential oils and use them for things like massage, skin care or even in your bath. You can choose from a range of carrier oils to suit your unique skin type and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and natural oils all in one. They’ll allow your essential oil blend to fully mix through and offer the perfect base for applying them to skin safely.


If you find oils too heavy, lotions are another wonderful option. Given they’re also oil based solutions, they’ll act as a vector to spread your oil blends over your skin whenever you need. Unscented lotions are ideal. You can create your own blend to mix through them and make them as mild or fragrant as you like to suit your preferences or even just make a small batch each day so you can change them up often.

Storing your essential oil creations

Essential oils come in dark bottles to maintain their quality, so when you mix them with other solutions it’s equally as important that they’re stored correctly. By keeping them stored appropriately they’ll stay in top condition for much longer, meaning you get the most out of them too. Whether you’re making your own body or massage oils, a lotion or something to use around your home, there’s a range of accessories that will keep them fresh for longer and easier to apply and enjoy.


The classic amber bottle with a screw top lid is a wonderful choice for a variety of things. Whether you’re making your own massage oils or have whipped up a cleaning solution to use around the kitchen or bathroom, they come in a range of sizes and their dark glass means whatever is inside will stay fresh and smell beautiful for longer.


Perfect for taking on the go, the classic rollerball is the ideal accessory for putting your unique essential oil blends into. Small enough to slip into your bag, they can be filled and easily applied to your wrists or temples for a little fragrant boost throughout the day. If you enjoy making blends for other people too, these make wonderful gifts for people who you think would benefit from a little bit of aromatherapy in their lives too.

Spray bottles

Spray bottles can be used in a number of ways. Whether you’re whipping up a refreshing mist to give yourself a spritz throughout the day, making a natural cleaning solution or a room spray to freshen up your home, they’re a must-have. Made with blue glass, like the classic amber bottles, spray bottles keep their contents fresh for longer too.

Pump bottles

When you’ve made yourself a beautiful and fragrant body lotion with your favourite essential oils, having a convenient way to enjoy it makes it all the better. Pump bottles are a great option for keeping on your bedside table or desk so you can easily dispense them to enjoy your creation throughout the day.

Using essential oils around the home

One of our favourite ways to enjoy essential oils is around the home. Whether you use essential oils in your bedroom or living room to create a welcoming environment, or in your cleaning products for a more natural alternative, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Oil diffuser

A classic that we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention is the oil diffuser. While you might be more used to the kind with a carrier oil and tea light underneath, these days, oil diffusers have had a big update. Not only are they flame free, they also add a touch of ambiance to any room - as well as making everything smell beautiful. Whether you’re using them in the morning with a pick me up blend or with a few drops of your favourite calming oil in the evening, they’re a firm favourite for a reason.


Finally, one you might not have heard of but is definitely worth exploring is solubiliser. It’s a fancy term that essentially describes a water soluble solution that can help make your oils water soluble too. Perfect for when you’re making things like floor wash or surface cleaner for around the house. Or, you can create your own custom solutions that can also be used in the bath too.

With so many different ways to enjoy your essential oils around the home and in your life, we’ve brought you a range of accessories so you have everything you need to explore and experiment. If you’re just starting out, we recommend having a look at our essential oils kits - they carry everything you need to get you started.